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Bunkered Days

by MoRain

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G-Spot 02:53
like a mattress still worn out is what her thoughts are all about always used but never wanted frozen heart in deep freeze chest her feeling's due date ain't the best last night's shadow back to your owner precious men she's going to win a taste of sin upon her skin there ain't no duty for a long night allons enfants de la patrie le jour de gloire est arrivé je dois pissez comme un cheval longre Andre Kreutzmann, Melanie Göllner - 1994
you think the way ends up right here and you only keep on living for leaving the time behind you cos you think that time will take your pain away you're leaving the time behind you someday gotta ask yourself cos you realize that you wonder why but you can live your life if you have a dream to follow no more leaving the time behind you even though you'll never reach it you live for it! you can run away if you're better to stay you gotta keep it closer sometimes life goes strange ways connecting things that are for leaving the time behind you and it's damned to break into pieces forever someday gotta ask yourself cos you realize that your back is crocked up and you carry the burden for nothing Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann - Spring 1994
Vertigo 02:58
come and picture all my mind I like your style I know your kind take your time see you on sunday be the artist I'm your crowd when you tell me all about past and present it`s at last your way no one's longing for the rain at this time of year again and the sun will hit the sky with the rhythm of the tide a sugar taste inside your veins when you see the passing trains fun-receptors running dry on your way to southern pole the weather-forecast stole your soul say no words you look like ice today take a reason and a lie when you're dizzy here up high just select an alibi then I promise you can smile and the sun will hit the sky (b.i.n.g.o.) with the rhythm of the tide (b.i.n.g.o.) Andreas Vogt, Kevin Schulz - January 2000
I hold a test-tube here in my hand to follow wishes I can understand create a genius just for my joy don't like this kind with the silver hair it took so long to find a master plan a simple formula locked in my den it often failed but it was late at night but now it's time, the aim in sight! in a moment of another day I make myself in a million ways noone can proof the route but I don't care in a sunlit jar a hold release I swear! do it on purpose kind of blasphemy by the grace of my insanity without doubt I put you to the rack don't like your kind I'm not a wag! it's a feeling of superior force my invention goes to open the doors guess you know I deal in nothing, alright? but now it's time the, aim in sight! now I know that you should know the key is in my hands! Andre Kreutzmann - January 2000


Treff-Studio ("Bunker"), Alfeld - 09.-14.01.2000

Andreas Vogt - Vox
Andre Kreutzmann - Git, Vox
Kevin Schulz - Bass
Karsten Täuber - Git
Achim Feger - Drums

Rec by Jürgen "Toni" Baake
Mix by Andre Kreutzmann


released February 2, 2000


all rights reserved



MoRain Alfeld (Leine), Germany

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