by MoRain

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Voiceland-Studio, Alfeld - August-September 1997
Konzept GmbH-Studio, Hannover - Dezember 1997

Andreas Vogt - Vox, Harmonica
Andre Kreutzmann - Git, Vox
Kevin Schulz - Bass
Ruben Loos - Drums

Anett Stiller - Vox (Embrace)
Katja Erdmann - Jill's Nightmare (Jill)
Frank Schlüter - Screams (Jill)
Christoph Nottbohm - Cello (Stranded)

Rec Drums by Hardy Teschemacher
Rec by Ralf "Kalle" Bieler
Mix and Mastering by Gerd und Rainer Leue
@ SIM, Wolfenbüttel - February 1998


released April 16, 1998


all rights reserved



MoRain Alfeld (Leine), Germany

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Track Name: Creeps
we don't care
it doesn't hurt to see your orphan chair
standing on a public sale
we're allied and we're acting in unison...
was it just a tale?

why are we creeps to come around?
and why do we hate the next we need?

you don't sit upon the wisdom
but you're guilty of the schism
of the order of our knighthood
we're allied and we're acting in unison...
was it just a tale?

now we are creeps to come around
and why do we hate the next we need?

don't leave me high, high, high, high
to come around

now we're staring at the ruins
of the inner man's lies and the victims of our wars
you couldn't believe that we found the way to somewhere
we had a message of few words
and little kind of hope of being better than...

why? say!

Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann - September 1997
Track Name: Again
I couldn't believe the news today
what they mean
what they do
and what they say

a decade of your life
you played a perfect show
on the real way, amen!
but now the wheels stand still
there is no turning back
please turn back, again

I see it in your smile
every other day
this is what we need to play
and the second-hand goes on
without you
without me

you start a brandnew life
no bounden duty
consideration, amen!
stampede into the sun
you try to run away
run away

I'm still living with your graces
I can't find anyone like you, to be true
I see the tears run down your faces
I keep on tellin' you
keep on tellin' you

I see it in your smile
every other day
this is what we need to play
but now we're torn apart
the avowal is so hard
I'm willing to change everything
and the second-hand goes on
without you
without me

Andre Kreutzmann - Spring 1994
Track Name: Embrace
I'll never be a country boy
growing old and disappear
I'll be draming
I'll be feeling
picture paint
will ever clear

searching looking forward
without traces in the sky
without lessons
without patience
if only I could try

when I notice I got something to say
I'll feel more than I can see

the sand is tickling on my feet
and the sun burns out my face
my devotion
my emotion
is my honest occupation

and long before the science is freezed
and from presence no feetback
bein' a liar
an untriar
several times bring me the best

something in my eyes
something by my side
I just always want to be
I hope I can believe!
I will never fail
always on the trail
I just always want to be
I hope I can believe!

I take the sum of the days I was looking for bliss
when I'm losing the way
but I know where it is!
I just always
I just always wanna be!

I'll do anything within my life I hope
I hope I can believe
in me!

Andreas Vogt - September 1997
Track Name: Jill
my name is Jill
and my life is a thrill
be quiet, my love, don't scream
don't turn around my little queen!

now it's daddy next to your side
now it's time for a little slide

these words still torture you today
they stay
they don't go away
each time you think of it
the only thing you want is to get rid of this shit!

how the fuck could i love you dad?
only thoughts of you drive me mad

it was in the night
when I was sleeping
my father woke me up and said
...put down your clothes!
no! I was ashamed

dad wants me to take off my clothes
in front of a camera
and I cry, cry, cry
cry, Jill, cry!

Andreas Vogt - Spring 1994
Track Name: Stranded
I guess it broke up at nightfall
(the ship is leaving bound outward)
well, I'm not sure, I couldn't swear
(crescent silhouette for me)
thought in the moment when you sadly spoke to me
I heard a mooring mast crash in the sea

tell me why don't you fight your phantom now?
not today or anyhow
but I tried!
I can't decide wether you're right
is it them or is it me?
or is it simply foam on the sea?

I saw the gestures on the surface
(just buffonery in circles)
notorious nuance of novelty
(we were dancing quietly)
but when it changed into a sudden glimpse of truth
it's been not new for you and me

so you closed the door and left the past
I wonder why it took so long at last
it's the only chance for me
you know it's been not easy
I don't know why you belied

if you need someone
someone else to depend upon
you are stranded
if you need someone
turn around and take another seat
hear the punchline of the joke
that you often told to me
oh yes, I bleed

you are stranded
with me

Andre Kreutzmann - 11.02.1993

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