Leaving The Frame

by MoRain

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Rehearsal Room @ Media Haus, Alfeld - April-August 1999

Andreas Vogt - Vox, Kazoo
Andre Kreutzmann - Git, Vox, Drums
Kevin Schulz - Bass
Karsten Täuber - Git
Achim Feger - Drums

Anett Stiller - Vox (My Relief)
Melanie Göllner - Vox (A Case Of Amber)

Rec and Mix by Michael Walden


released September 16, 1999


all rights reserved



MoRain Alfeld (Leine), Germany

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Track Name: Scope
descending higher
just for a moment
the glimpse when I see you
offends my eyes
you wear a black suit
to hide the corrosion
that went through your body
selfish am I!

won't you forget about me?
you're living in a fable
alone and sacreficed
won't you forget about me?
a fairy sold the moon to you there is no doubt

I know the burden on your shoulder
let me frown
dropping the deadline of your showdown

descending higher
just for a moment
as long as I safely
turn on my own
into a white sleep
away from emotion
leaving the frame
the mirror has shown

Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann - April 1999
Track Name: My Relief
on this burning track
one step outside
there's no flower growing in delight

I guess I know the seeds of your love will be sown
it's your fate
and from dusty acres rainbow-flowers grown
I'm not afraid

I just want my relief to find
readjust myself
seems like red roses bleed in my mind
readjust myself

and there is noone here
and there is noone there
to listen to my story
understanding every word I say

and there is noone here
and there is noone there
to understand
just tell me

rainbow-flowers are growing

Andreas Vogt - April 1999
Track Name: Vitamin B
I know you're the stain on my soul
your tongue is snow-white
but dismayed on the phone
I'm exposed to the right
when I tell all your lies
to somebody else

a dayboarder
ruthless to take
by the scruff of your neck
a sleepwalker's parade
on the way to your bed
then you gave me a name
of somebody else

I would have given you all my life
took so long 'til the truth went into the light
now I know that I hate you
want to fake you
by my side

ambition has used my regard
was the jailer in me
in the game from the start
part of your heresy
and the cup that I held
went to somebody else

now I know that I hate you
want to say that I break you
feel that I'm here on my own
by my side

Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann - April 1999
Track Name: A Case Of Amber
she got her first kiss as a fool's-day-child
when she was born '14 a.d.
redeemed by knowledge everywhere was better than here
noone else like you
noone else could bear it like you!
... like you
I wanna lay beside you in my dreams

I'd like to know
it doesn't matter why we hear the rain?
I don't know why we always feel the same
I know, I know
the moon rules the night again

I remember all your fairy tales
a song called "Roses On The Heath"
next to your amber lay some very ancient bones
like memories from the past
memories you can't bear at last
I'm like you

Andre Kreutzmann - April 1998
Track Name: Distain
I just like standing face to face
cold as ice
disdaining the truth
remember every single day
when you have said that I'm unable, too
no need to spit at your face
just to show you what I think of you
and I wonder how I feel when you die

and I say hey now, pray now
I can't pay the fine
any time, every other day, every morning rise
I say hey now, pray now
for the rest of your life

take care of what you say
in front of me
and what your try'n to do
resign your selfesteem
is what you never knew
in the matter of delight
away from you in the matter of our time
I don't wonder how I feel
when you die

if you can sleep at night
I can tell the reason
why I meet you in your deepest dreams sleep at night!
you cannot square the matter
when you pass the buck to me
you better pray!

Andreas Vogt, Andre Kreutzmann - April 1999
Track Name: Hajo
so I saw the shiny moon
and the time is coming soon
when I feel being on the rocks
like a big ship on the docks
oh, less pennies in my hand
listen to this irish band
looking through the muddy glass
directly in my living past

hajo, hajo
and my liver this night
be pleased
exalted 'bout every kilkenny
one for my stomage
one for my brain
for the coloured feelings inside me

Andreas Vogt - Spring 1994

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