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Live And Live

by MoRain

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The Formalin 04:14
eyes opened wide watchin' blindly for the tide makin' misery your bride and she's so good for you takin' pain for pleasure point of view wherever I stand now waitin' for the lies soothing and enticing you saving days in formalin that's the way of craving for tomorrow! waitin for the lies soothing and enticing you you can't deny a glint of rapture in your eye so the day's another lie so they might be true you put aside what an ocean could not hide and your eyes are open wide searching for the blue Andreas Vogt - March 2001
Embrace 05:51
I'll never be a country boy growing old and disappear I'll be draming I'll be feeling picture paint will ever clear searching looking forward without traces in the sky without lessons without patience if only I could try when I notice I got something to say I'll feel more than I can see the sand is tickling on my feet and the sun burns out my face my devotion my emotion is my honest occupation and long before the science is freezed and from presence no feetback bein' a liar an untriar several times bring me the best something in my eyes something by my side I just always want to be I hope I can believe! I will never fail always on the trail I just always want to be I hope I can believe! I take the sum of the days I was looking for bliss when I'm losing the way but I know where it is! I just always I just always wanna be! I'll do anything within my life I hope I hope I can believe in me! Andreas Vogt - September 1997
Cor Blimey 04:48
I wonder why you blow my cum to bubble? I guess vou're the queen gonna put my little man to trouble! now would you sit on my face? I wonder why you love the need to stumble when I hold your legs for money that I own in bundles? now would you sit on my face? I will feel you down melt the world around when I feel you hold your breath and you know the tide is cummin' when I'm on my way to the pearly gates I'm running when you sit on my face how did you make things real? how did you leave me unreal? you gonna sacrifice yourself when you sit on my face I will feel you down melt the world around when I feel you down I will feel you down leaving the world that goes around leaving all of the world now would you take me for a long ride when I'm going down the marmite motorway? sure, I love you on the other side like a steamer I reach the ground lost my blood inside my brain lost my believe, I'm not the same lost my thoughts, how was your name? lost the money for you... Lynn, Heela, Jill, Jane I know, I know, I love this way I know, I know, I believe this way I know, I know, I know when you sit on my face Andre Kreutzmann, Tasha Cole - August 2000
My Relief 03:36
on this burning track one step outside there's no flower growing in delight I guess I know the seeds of your love will be sown it's your fate and from dusty acres rainbow-flowers grown I'm not afraid I just want my relief to find readjust myself seems like red roses bleed in my mind readjust myself and there is noone here and there is noone there to listen to my story understanding every word I say and there is noone here and there is noone there to understand just tell me rainbow-flowers are growing Andreas Vogt - April 1999
eyes are closed in electric light it is still like ever before but the time and the swelling against you now at last waiting for song nothing came on drifting away from earlier skill how does it feel? where will I be? being assigned when i concede body and soul the mighty unknown in the malady show how long, how sad, how far in body and soul the mighty unknown in the malady show somehow your space is rising eyes still closed in electric light and I wonder when you leave me alone there is nothing left I can do for you at last I used to remind I used to rely this is the trade one way genocide but there is my heart and there is my soul gleaming in dearest gardens what? I who's looking for reaction I who's out of control no, no believe in resurrection I who knows me not like before the sorrow Andre Kreutzmann - Februar 2002


Live @ Treff, Alfeld
Track 1-4: 07.04.2001 ("Rock gegen Rechts")
Track 5: 16.02.2002 ("Die Nacht der Partysanen")

Andreas Vogt - Vox
Andre Kreutzmann - Git, Vox
Kevin Schulz - Bass
Karsten Täuber - Git
Björn Kliewe - Drums

Track 1-4: Rec and Mix by Matschek
Track 5: Rec by Fabi, Mix by Andre Kreutzmann


released August 14, 2011


all rights reserved



MoRain Alfeld (Leine), Germany

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