Live im Proberaum

by MoRain



The first demo-tape, recorded by Manfred Schubert
Rehearsal Room (Media Haus), Alfeld - 21.-22.07.1995

Andreas Vogt - Vox, Git
Sven Krickhahn - Git
Andre Kreutzmann - Vox, Git, Keyboards
Peter Freitag - Drums
Kevin Schulz - Bass


released August 1, 1995


all rights reserved



MoRain Alfeld (Leine), Germany

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Track Name: G-Spot
like a mattress still worn out
is what her thoughts are all about
always used but never wanted
frozen heart in deep freeze chest
her feeling's due date ain't the best
last night's shadow back to your owner

precious men she's going to win
a taste of sin upon her skin
there ain't no duty for a long night

allons enfants de la patrie
le jour de gloire est arrivé
je dois pissez comme un cheval longre

Andre Kreutzmann, Melanie Göllner - 1994
Track Name: Yearning
hello girl
make me a present with your laughter
and put the sun in a shadow for a while
don't think about tomorrow
let the reality fade out for a while

let us turn into the sunside
let us slide down the rainbow
and the tender ribbon
that will connect us
will be strong as a rope

Andreas Vogt - 1995
Track Name: Again
I couldn't believe the news today
what they mean
what they do
and what they say

a decade of your life
you played a perfect show
on the real way, amen!
but now the wheels stand still
there is no turning back
please turn back, again

I see it in your smile
every other day
this is what we need to play
and the second-hand goes on
without you
without me

you start a brandnew life
no bounden duty
consideration, amen!
stampede into the sun
you try to run away
run away

I'm still living with your graces
I can't find anyone like you, to be true
I see the tears run down your faces
I keep on tellin' you
keep on tellin' you

I see it in your smile
every other day
this is what we need to play
but now we're torn apart
the avowal is so hard
I'm willing to change everything
and the second-hand goes on
without you
without me

Andre Kreutzmann - Spring 1994
Track Name: Jam
I don't say a word
I can't say the sentence
don't wanna be alone
share your little secrets
put a spell on me

but when I see you there's no other side
just a straight way that means me and you
everybody seems to wait for a while
I could drown myself bein' now without you

I need no rainy day
there's no need to remember
I'll remember

why do you go in with me?
why do we have understanding?
I don't know
don't wanna be alone
share your little secrets things
you put a spell on me

I need no rainy day
there is no need to remember

Andre Kreutzmann - May 1994
Track Name: Maybe
I know you're lonely
and I know you're sad
all these words of a moment
meant the times that we've had

I hear cries now from nowhere
somewhere's in sight
I know you need a way
if you loose, if you lie

did you ever try to turn inside of yourself?

maybe you drown into your sorrow
but nothing will be changed!

stained toleration
on provision receipt
secret vibes all around us
if you know what I mean
nothing else seems to matter
there is nothing to hide
go now and leave it all
a bright night is alright

maybe you drown into your sorrow
but nothing will be changed!
maybe you drown into your sorrow
if you can
I won't be with you
we don't follow anymore
it's true!

Sven Krickhahn, Andre Kreutzmann - 1992, June 1993
Track Name: Jill
my name is Jill
and my life is a thrill
be quiet, my love, don't scream
don't turn around my little queen!

now it's daddy next to your side
now it's time for a little slide

these words still torture you today
they stay
they don't go away
each time you think of it
the only thing you want is to get rid of this shit!

how the fuck could i love you dad?
only thoughts of you drive me mad

it was in the night
when I was sleeping
my father woke me up and said
...put down your clothes!
no! I was ashamed

dad wants me to take off my clothes
in front of a camera
and I cry, cry, cry
cry, Jill, cry!

Andreas Vogt - Spring 1994
Track Name: Bonus-Track
we got the movement
we do abuse them
but we linger over our groove, man!
we gotta catch them
shut up them
that's the way you wanna put an end, man!
can you trust your neighbourhood?
the people spread too much blood
I just can't define if I'm gonna trust in you
I know your anger
but I gotta ask ya
d'ya know the meaning of motherfucking love, man?
I gonna send you
to the moon
see you bleeding on the sidewalk soon

Andre Kreutzmann - Autumn 1993

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